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How to disassemble Xinjiang bearing

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How to disassemble Xinjiang bearing

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How to disassemble the bearing? Spherical roller bearing bearings are installed correctly, affecting accuracy, life and performance. Therefore, the design and assembly department should fully study the installation of thrust spherical roller bearing bearings. I hope to install according to the operating standards. The items of the job standard are usually as follows:

(1) Check the size and finishing of the associated components;

(2) installation;

(3) Supply lubricant.

(4) cleaning the bearing and bearing related components;

(5) Check after installing the bearing.

I hope that the spherical roller bearing bearing package will be opened before the installation. Lubricating oil is not necessary for cleaning. However, for instruments or high-speed bearings, it should be cleaned with clean oil to remove the rust inhibitor applied to the bearing. Generally grease is lubricated, not cleaned, and directly filled with grease. Furthermore, bearings that have been sealed with grease are used without cleaning. The bearing with the rust preventive removed, it is easy to rust, so it can not be placed. When installed in the outer casing, there is usually a lot of clearance and the outer ring has an interference. It is usually pressed by a press or there is a cold shrink fit method after cooling. When dry ice is used as the coolant and the shrinkage is installed, the moisture in the air will condense on the surface of the thrust spherical roller bearing. Therefore, appropriate rust prevention measures are required. After continuing to run, the vibration and noise of the spherical roller bearing begin to increase, and sometimes abnormal sound occurs, but the change of vibration increases slowly. At this time, the bearing kurtness value suddenly reaches a certain value. We believe that the bearing is an initial failure at this time.

At this time, it is required to closely monitor the spherical roller bearing and pay close attention to the change. After that, the bearing kurtness value begins to fall rapidly again and approaches the normal value, while the vibration and noise begin to increase significantly, and the increase rate begins to accelerate. When the vibration exceeds the vibration standard (such as ISO2372 standard), the bearing kurtosis value also begins. Rapid increase, when both exceed the vibration standard, and the kurtosis value also exceeds the normal value (the available kurtosis relative standard), we believe that the bearing has entered the late fault production, it is necessary to repair the equipment in time and replace the bearing.

The bearing exhibits late fault characteristics to serious faults (generally bearing damage such as axle hung, burn, sand frame spalling, raceway, bead wear, etc.). The time is not more than one week. The larger the equipment capacity, the faster the speed. The shorter the interval. Therefore, in the actual bearing fault diagnosis, once the late fault characteristics are found, the thrust of the thrust spherical roller bearing bearing should be judged decisively, and the maintenance should be arranged as soon as possible.